Easy Ways to Make Homemade Tile Grout Cleaner

Regardless of how often you clean your floors, shower walls, and worktops, the grout between the tiles will eventually become nasty. The dirt and stains that collect between the tiles can quickly detract from the appearance of a clean bathroom or kitchen.

While commercial grout cleaners can effectively clean your grout, they are frequently filled with dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to your family.

You can prepare a homemade grout cleaner out of regular household goods that you probably already have beneath your kitchen sink to keep your floors gleaming clean without resorting to commercial grout cleaners.

Before you go out and spend a bunch on the best tile grout cleaning goods, you can prepare your own homemade grout cleaner with a number of common household components that you can find at your local grocery.

If the grout is stained, no matter how often you clean your bathroom and kitchen floor and counters, they will constantly look dingy and dusty.

Grout Cleaners Made at Home

Simple things that you probably already have under your kitchen sink can be used to produce your own natural grout cleaning. These recipes take less than ten minutes to prepare and will give your tile and grout a cleaner appearance than any store-bought cleaner.

The best part of making your own grout cleaning is that you won’t have to worry about poisonous residue harming your family or the environment. If you have a lot of grout to clean, learning how to utilize a steam cleaner for grout cleaning may be worthwhile. Steam is quite effective in cleaning a variety of surfaces, including grout.

The Best Homemade Tile Grout Cleaner

It can be aggravating to try to clean your unclean grout. It frequently appears that no matter how hard you scrub, the filth and stains that have formed between your tiles over time are impossible to remove.

This recipe only requires three simple ingredients and will help your home’s grout look brand new. As an added benefit, this solution can also be used to remove soap scum from the tub and shower.

Grout Cleaner Recipe (Homemade)

  • 1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • a quarter-cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid

Wearing protective gloves when working with this tile and grout cleaner is a good idea. Although the hydrogen peroxide in this cleanser isn’t harmful, it can sting if it comes into touch with any open cuts. If any of the cleaner gets into your eyes, make sure to rinse them out right away.

Fill a small squeeze-top jar halfway with baking soda. Toss the baking soda with the hydrogen peroxide. Fill the bottle halfway with liquid dish soap; replace the top and shake vigorously to completely combine the ingredients.

Allow at least five minutes for the slurry to rest on the grout line. Wipe the mixture away with a sponge or paper towel. Rinse with water to get rid of any leftovers. This natural cleaning is also great for killing any mold or mildew that has built up on the grout.

It’s always a good idea to clean the tile at the same time as you’re washing the grout. For a dazzling clean, use this solution to clean ceramic tiles or other types of tile in the bathroom or kitchen.

Recipe for a Heavy-Duty Homemade Tile Grout Cleaner

Even the cleanest portions of your kitchen or bathroom can suddenly appear dirty if the tile grout is muddy. This homemade tile grout cleaner, part of our homemade bathroom cleaner series, makes cleaning grout simple and restores the appearance of your tiles and grout.

The ammonia will leave a streak-free gloss on your tiles, while the baking soda will assist dissolve difficult filth and stains. It’s critical not to use this solution near any chlorine bleach since the ammonia and bleach will combine to form chlorine gas, which can be lethal if inhaled.

Lemon Juice Grout Cleaner (DIY)

Lemon juice’s acidity makes it ideal for eliminating soap scum and stains from a variety of surfaces, including tile grout. Because of the low acidity, it won’t etch or damage most surfaces.

The baking soda in this all-natural recipe acts as an abrasive, scrubbing away the scum and debris that the lemon juice loosens, leaving clean grout all throughout your home.